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This is a good example of mutual accommodation and sincere co-operation by all sectors of the community. Therefore, in encouraging public utilities companies to reduce their charges, the Government should at the same time take the lead to reduce government charges. In particular, the Government should, as I mentioned earlier, reduce public housing rental, fares of the three railways and other government charges before it can give other private organizations an incentive to reduce charges. As such, I hope that the Government can put these proposals into practice. As far as the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is concerned, the HYF incident is an experience that we should all bear in mind. Public utilities companies should be able to maintain its profit by raising its productivity and efficiency. From now on, fare rises should not be done at a fixed interval like taking a bath or having a meal. On the other hand, fare reduction should not be treated like the statue of a god in a chapel that no ordinary people are allowed to touch. We think that they are fully capable of meeting such a demand, which I think is also reasonable. There lies an internal pattern, prosperity as well as recession, in economic development.

  • First and foremost, we have to turn Hong Kong into a clean city; we must improve the quality of its water and air and deal properly with its pollution and rubbish of all sorts.
  • All infrastructures must be designed with due regard for the conservation of the natural environment and ecology.
  • However, it must be borne in mind that if we are to increase the competitiveness of our tourism industry, we must not ignore the importance of the quality of our physical environment and tourist services.
  • To achieve this goal, we must improve the quality of workers in sectors like retailing, transportation and catering who receive or entertain customers on the front line.
  • I believe that if a city is heavily polluted, then no matter how it is packaged, it will never arouse the interest of tourists.
  • Or, we may also develop the Lantau Island and the New Territories into green holiday resorts.

Under the present economic circumstances, I think these companies should not invariably project their profits for this year or the coming year using the same old methods of calculation. Just now Mr James TIEN turned down the idea of issuing bonds in Hong Kong when he talked about the operation of the KCRC. Mr LEE Cheuk-yan mentioned certain ordinances which seem to yield to the so-called commercial principles. However, at present, the Hong Kong Government is actually spending a large amount of its reserves on buying American bonds on a 5% interest return. On the other hand, the KCRC borrows money from the United States and is paying an interest wealth generator review of over 10%. Therefore, it really pays for the public utilities companies to ponder how to broaden their sources of income and reduce expenditure in a prudent manner. Mr LEE Cheuk-yan mentioned commercial principles, and this is precisely a commercial principle. We are absolutely not coercing them into doing so, neither are we brutally fleecing them in order to alleviate the public’s burden. However, while every company has its own definition of a “sound” financial position, factors leading to an “unsound” financial position abound. For example, a company may make mistakes in its investment strategy or suffer from mismanagement.
It is hoped that this campaign will arouse tourists’ interest in Hong Kong again. According to the findings of some recent surveys conducted by the HKTA in some overseas tourist markets, there are signs that the ranking of Hong Kong as a tourist destination has started to climb. In the coming year, the HKTA will continue to conduct similar publicity and promotion work. I hope that the Government will provide support and assistance to this sector. Every one of us are striving for the long-term competitiveness of Hong Kong rather than merely the immediate short-term publicity measures and approaches. Factors such as environmental protection, air pollution and also sanitation of the toilets all have a determining effect on the success of our tourism industry. Being a commercial community, Hong Kong has actually put enormous resources into tourism.

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If the construction of theme parks is done under the best terms, the three parties will all be winners. To secure the best terms, it does not mean that we have to beg investors or that we do not need to take the initiative to fight and promote the advantages of Hong Kong. At that time, the theme of his motion was theme parks but its scope was later broadened and the original theme had disappeared. The amendment I moved today is not in conflict with the original motion; they are mutually supplementary and the amendment is intended to preserve the original hot topic. Second, we should educate our own people on the significance of the tourism industry. That way, we can win the co-operation of all Hong Kong citizens and the various trades and industries; and all visitors will thus have fond memories of Hong Kong as they feel that our city is their home away from home. The community as a whole must make concerted efforts to make our visitors feel that Hong Kong is really a city of friendliness. According to some estimations, in the next 10 years, the global market share of the tourism industry in the Asia-Pacific region will rise from 14% to 20%, and the total income thus generated by the year 2005 will go up to US$7,200 billion. For this reason, we must seek to revitalize our tourism industry as quickly as possible, so as to grab for ourselves a bigger share in the global tourism market. Those employees engaged in tourism-related trades represent 12% of our total workforce.
The SAR Government should also seek permission to allow the coaches of Hong Kong registered tourist agencies to carry overseas tourists to shuttle non-stop between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on day trips to designated spots in the two cities. In Asia, countries like Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore are both rivals of the Hong wealth generator review Kong tourism industry and the major sources of patronage. The currencies of these countries devalued by 10% to 40% during the Asian financial turmoil. This had increased the costs of the people from these countries when they came to Hong Kong. But on the other hand, these countries would also snatch away the potential tourists for Hong Kong.
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These were the factors contributing to the prosperity of the tourist industry. The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong hopes that the Commissioner for Tourism can give thorough consideration to all measures meant for reviving the Hong Kong tourism industry. We also hope that the Commissioner will be given the right kind of powers and resources, so that he can co-ordinate all government departments in the promotion of tourism. In this year’s policy address, the Chief Executive has at last decided to appoint a Commissioner for Tourism whose duty will be to promote the development of the industry. Are publicity efforts made by the Hong Kong Tourist Association and government officials alone enough to revive the tourist industry of Hong Kong? If the tourist spots of Hong Kong are not that attractive, even if the government officials are most eloquent and persuasive, they will not be able to attract tourists to come here. Mr Deputy, our tourism industry must struggle for its own survival by looking for new ways of enhancing its competitiveness and stamina. That said, I must hasten to add that while we seek to review our policy on the tourism industry, it is extremely important for us to co-ordinate the work of the various departments involved. Responsibilities for the tourism industry are now scattered among the Economic Services Bureau, the Hong Kong Tourist Association , the Airport Authority, the Planning Department, the Immigration Department and so on. If the Commissioner for Tourism is to enhance the links and co-ordination among these authorities, he must have all the abilities, enterprise and powers required for the formulation and implementation of long-term tourism development strategies.
Besides, Hong Kong is really very dirty, to the extent that we should all be ashamed of our public hygiene standards. The streets and markets of Hong Kong are so very dirty, but how come the people of Hong Kong can still put up with the situation? Sometimes, we really should not hold the Government solely responsible, for we as individuals should also make our own efforts in many respects. Many government departments are related to tourism but the objectives of their work may not fall in line with the objectives of the tourism industry. Therefore, the Commissioner for Tourism must effectively communicate with government departments so that these government departments can take concerted efforts to carry out the relevant policies instead of working not in tune with one another. We all know that the seal incident in Taiwan this summer has arisen from the government departments in Taiwan not working in tune with one another.

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Now that the tourism industry runs into troubles, each and every one us in Hong Kong should pitch in to help. It does not matter if it is being courteous to tourists or investing huge amounts of money in tourist projects, all would be valuable support. The issue of availability of sites is crucial to the development of exhibition services which can stimulate the growth of the tourism industry. The existing wings of the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai can only provide some sq m of leasable area. It will not be sufficient to hold international exhibitions of a super-grand scale. I therefore propose that the Government should set aside sq m of land adjacent to the new airport and build an exhibition hall which will charge reasonable fees. And the Convention and Exhibition Centre should lower its lease rates so as to close the gap between the lease rates charged between Hong Kong and other places in Asia in respect of exhibition floor space.
If they have to keep their fees high due to such factors, is it reasonable to make the public bear the consequences of their “unsound” financial position with them? If employees’ salaries are cut or they are even laid off, it would be a stark demonstration of the management’s irresponsibility and indifference to employees’ interests. Can these companies justify their refusal to reduce charges based on these grounds? It is true that Towngas has said that it will not increase fees or lay off employees, but the company has recently taken a series of disgusting actions against their employees. I sincerely hope that all the relevant public utilities companies can discuss problems with their employees in the face of difficulties and I believe that every employee is willing to go a step further in order to allow the companies to operate in a better manner. I am sure that people who make a living by working in these bodies or those living in Hong Kong wish that this can be done.
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ESG is a facet of the broader umbrella term Responsible Investing, which covers socially responsible Investing , ESG integration, Sustainable Investing, and Impact Investing. Compared to the rest of the Responsible investing universe, ESG integration goes beyond personal values. It takes a more holistic and forward-looking approach, understanding the changing wealth generator review world and the new factors that must be included to correctly value companies. Moreover, the actual emissions from the Castle Peak plant are kept secret by the government at the request of CLP. This study examined the restructuring of Hong Kong manufacturing in the PRD from the perspectives of challenges and opportunities in the post-crisis global economy.

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In his policy address, the Chief Executive suggested to appoint a Commissioner for Tourism with the duty of promoting the development of the Hong Kong tourism industry. To solve this problem and to restore the confidence of tourists in Hong Kong, I think we should enhance our monitoring and complaint mechanisms. First of all, the HKTA and the relevant government departments can encourage tourists to look for help. They can post hotlines for help in all the major hotels, shopping arcades, the airport and taxis so that tourist can have someone to look to for help. These hotlines should be manned by operators seven days a week and at least from nine in the morning till midnight, for people do not like to speak to a telephone recording machine. The procedures for handling complaints should be simplified because tourists only stay here for a few days. They would prefer not to come the next time rather than to spend almost a day in making a complaint. So if the complaint mechanism really works well and the complainants can get some prompt redress or compensation, then this will help to mend Hong Kong’s tarnished reputation and restore confidence lost. In the end, this will also be beneficial to those honest businessmen in the retail and wholesale sectors. Mr Deputy, I wish to look into the issue of how to enhance our position as “Shopper’s Paradise”.
However, the groups of people who recently sought my help in finding a job are exactly those who used to work in Tsim Sha Tsui. Why are the salespersons working in the tourist areas suffering such a setback? It is all because of the economic downturn that these high-paid salespersons were sacked. In the eight years between 1989 and 1996, our tourism industry saw a steady annual growth but this myth was broken in 1996. Many people rather optimistically think that we are merely experiencing a short-term downturn. I also hope that it is a short-term downturn but many studies and experts have pointed out that we must look at this issue from a long-term point of view, as the structure of the whole industry has basically changed. Tourism has always been the main source of foreign exchange income for Hong Kong and hence the restoration of its former glory is a very important topic. Mr David CHU and other Members have put forward many concrete suggestions on how to revive our tourism. What I wish to talk about is the service quality of the local tourism industry, that is, the software or the people as Mr LEE Cheuk-yan has put it earlier.
Furthermore, as a market economy, Hong Kong has to rely on investor confidence to sustain its economic growth. So, it will be pure wishful thinking to assume that investors can be persuaded not to make any profit. Furthermore, will fee reductions really lead to an “unsound” financial position? The management of some of the public utilities companies in Hong Kong have a very good head at figures indeed, and we could not fail to notice this by looking at the profits of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation , Mass Transit Railway Corporation and Kowloon Motor Bus . Undeniably, fee reductions will have an impact on their income to a certain extent, but will this be so grave as to make their financial position unsound?
Mr Deputy, to attract investments in the tourism industry, the exhibition sector should not be neglected. Like the retail and catering sectors, the exhibition sector is closely tied with the tourism industry. Under such constraints, the Government may encourage more investments in theme parks of a relatively smaller scale. The $100 million International Events Fund set up by the HKTA should not only aim at the introduction of highlights in Western culture but also the promotion of Chinese culture, with the hope of making the unique East-meets-West culture of Hong Kong come alive. Many businessmen here have very extensive business contacts in China and this will greatly assist them when they want to introduce tourist items featuring the attractions of Chinese culture.
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In the future, the focus would be on capturing greater parts of the value chain and a share of the high-end manufacturing rate of 15% for new manufacturing companies. ESG has come a long way over the last decade, evolving from a “feel good” investment strategy to being widely understood as a risk management tool and a potential source of alpha. The covid-19 crisis has shown the impact external non-financial risk can have on markets. Investments rooted in ESG criteria can help guard against exposure to these risks and uncover opportunities within an industry. ESG considerations represent a vital part of active management, as the process leverages non-traditional criteria, both quantitative and qualitative, to enhance investment analysis and decision-making.

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In times of economic prosperity, most public utilities companies in Hong Kong have, by virtue of their own favourable conditions, managed to reap handsome profits. Even though the existing environment makes it difficult to operate business, such public utilities companies as Hongkong Telecom are still able to keep their profits from plummeting dramatically. In fact, public utilities companies are closely related to the people’s livelihood. At the moment, our unemployment rate is still standing at a high level, and the burden on people’s livelihood is heavy. At such difficult times, public utilities companies should go a step further from being responsible to their shareholders only. What is more, they should carry out their responsibilities towards the community by lowering their charges. In doing so, they can ease the burden on the general public and show that they are sincere about helping the public tide over these difficult times. As far as energy services are concerned, the two power companies, CLP and HEC, are still protected by the profit control scheme which allows the companies to earn 15% of the average net value of their fixed assets as approved profits. If the companies invest in electricity supply through borrowing, the rates of return for the shareholders’ capital will become even higher.
For the first half of the year, many public utilities companies still managed to make huge profits despite the fallout of the financial crisis. In the midst of an economic downturn, these companies would of course be subject to pressure on their rate of profit growth, but then again, the hardships and pressures on the public at large should not be neglected either. For this reason, we urge these public utilities to sympathize with the livelihood of the people and take our suggestions into serious consideration. LC Lawyers LLP is an independent law firm in Hong Kong providing legal services to financial institutions, corporate clients and private enterprises. You see, some of their high sales folks have been additionally concerned in WakeUpNow . WUN worked hard on recruiting harmless folks into its pyramid scheme for about 5 years. If you’ve been to my blog earlier than you understand that I don’t like MLMs just because most of them become pyramid schemes, stealing money from easily influenced folks. However, since I work in the marketing house, I can’t help however be uncovered to plenty of news in the industry. This is how I come across yet one more shiny promising Network Marketing companies, the Wealth Generators.